7th Grade reflection

My 7th grade year was filled with new friends new experiences and a big new building to reremember from my 6th grade year.

At first, had expected to just breeze right through the halls between classes. Not even close. I knew the teachers but not the rooms, not the other hallways, not the new bell schedule. Maybe some if my subconscience memories flew out of my ears over the summer. But I defenetly got the hang of it.

Another really crazy part of 7th grade, was the amount of work we has very day. For example, if you miss one day of school, you’ll fall one week behind in makeup work. Or you could fall way behind from not doing your homework when it’s assigned- which not most do.

By the end of the year-which is technically now- I had most of my problems figured out and mastered. Except for one that is pretty important, enough sleep. That one is tricky, but I’ll will figure it out in 8th grade next year.

My Childhood bed


When I was little, I just couldn’t live without princess canopy bed. I was much more girly then. I was the only girl in my family so I would be as girly as I could.

My bed was the most beautiful bed ever; and so comfortable too. I remember that my mattress was pink too.  Everything was. It was required by my laws of pink.

I also remember that it had “Cinderella’s carriage” type structure, with bars over head that were in a dome shape. Wrapped around the bars was pretty pink lace. To finish the princess feel, a beautiful canopy lay around my bed. With sparkles in the fabric.

While I had my bed, I swung like a monkey all the time. Without a care in the world. I also use to have tea parties with my dog- even though he is a boy. Aways having wonder filled princess dreams in my princess bed to make me feel like a princess. 

Of coarse, I turned 7 and became way to cool for ”princessy stuff”. I had the best princess bed I could have dreamed for, while I wanted it.


Image credit: Princess bed. Digital image. web. Miskellys.com 10 april 2014

Ski shore Austin

I live on the lake and there is a resterant  called ski shores. You can drive there but it’s confusing, I only know how to get there by boat. When you arrive, there is a few docks for the boats to fit into, otherwise you can tie your boat up on the side.

I always insist on bringing my two dogs, Leo and Shadow. I think that’s the only ski shores there is. I love ski shores because it’s really laid back and fun. It’s really just a burger place. Not formal. There’s hoses that stay on a trickle. So the side walk isn’t burning up. Its a life saver, really.

However, one of the greatest things I found at ski shores as a kid was the video games in the back. They were those older machines like Pac man and the asteroid game. They costed 25 cents and get new high scores every week. I remember one time my brother scratched his high score on the side of the pac man machine. There’s probably a higher score now though.

Austin has a lot of really awesome places, but I think ski shores is the best. There is only like 2 rules and they are don’t go onto the kitchen and stay on the property. I think I love ski shores so much because I grew up going there. And I wanna keep going there.

The Phantoms lair


The phantoms lair is a place that nobody dare go. It is a dark and dreary place of sadness and depression.
There is no light that would dare shine apon the phantoms face.

He has candle obera  set all around, the flames flickering beneath the opera house.

A filthy spooky place that no human could ever bare to live, but the phantom lives there, dispute the gruesomeness and piles of bones, away from the worlds criticism.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: gato-gato-gato via Compfight

My parents flooded room

Why my parents room flooded, I can’t believe it. It was my moms fault though.

First, my family’s pipes freeze, a lot. And that’s a problem because we all stink and are really thirsty. We end up using tons and tons of bottled water. Usually,my mom hires a plumber to come and some duh-icky around the pipe, or- I don’t know, but what he does does not work. We do keep water running to keep the pipes flowing so they don’t freeze up.

In addition, my mom kept her sink running-all night the stopper dropped. If only she were paying attention. Then, it began.

White foam. Glares off of everything.as if it all was coated in a gloss. A mini water fall splashing off the counters- into the pool trashcan- carried in a small current and the water soaks into the master bed rooms disgusting brown and green stripped carpet. Ek. This is really bad. But wait! Wait! We have water! But maybe this is a bit much…


There was recently a new movie out in theaters. It is called frozen, and it won two golden globes. One for the original song “let it go”. And I think you could say that I am a little obsessed with it. Not just the song, the movie! It’s fantastically great!

I have seen Frozen only about 6 or 7 times, and then there is the songs that are included in the movie also. And let me tell you! I have them all on my phone and I know every word to every thing in the movie! It’s just a great movie. I have it on my computer even! I can’t stress it enough-I love frozen.

The first time I went to see it I was with my brother and his friends. My brother is a senior in highschool so it was like they were babysitting me… But other than that it was swell. Haha. The second time I saw frozen it was with My dad and we went to the Ipic theater. It’s a theater that has super cozy, recliner chairs and you get served food and drinks. And I’m taking like steaks and fancy desserts, and this was the first time I had gone, so it was totally awesome! Every other time was at home in my extra super squishy bed off of my computer.

Anywhere I am I would just start singing the songs from the movie, and sometimes people would be start singing and say “oh I love that movie” then I’m all like “oh no! I love it way more than you do, so don’t even try to top me on frozen!” Then they get weirded out and leave… So I don’t have that many frozen buddies. But the people weird enough to stay and sing with me are Kennedy and Andrea, their are weird, but I love them. I love frozen.


I really like football, because my family has gone to almost every Texas football game ever since 1995.

My favorite game was when I was in third grade and all I carried about was the cotton candy that the workers would walk around with in a paper cone. I saw one of the players before the game and he was HUGE! He could have eaten me. Good thing he wasn’t hungry. I don’t remember who he was but he was really nice. It was so much fun.

I still love football just as much, even though the season is over. At least I can still watch the recorded games on my TV, especially the fantastic past super bowls. And I’m looking forward to the Broncos and the Sea hawks this year.


While the sun glares down on a hot summer sidewalk,
when people walk by tanning their golden skin,
about to aboard a journey.
Meanwhile, everyone stops and stairs at the glorious mid day sky,
near the lake I stand,
Upon my bear feet I walk beyond,
My eyes I see my reflection,
Through the crystal clear water.

Late Night Crash

It was rainy outside, and the wind was blowing at extremely high rates. My whole family was in a deep slumber, when a tree fell right on top of my big brothers car and made a few little dents. The worst part was that the back windshield was shattered and there are probably bugs in his car now. Thank god there wasn’t any one in his car at the time, both of my dogs were also inside, away from the rain.                       Lightnings over Hannover Skyline
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Spreng Ben via Compfight